Aliaksandra Mouji

I like to feel how the flow of a Sufi master, what was the basis of my understanding of the world, the energy flux, knowledge and practices of great mystic Osho, and the well-tested methods of European therapists and masters, merge in me and fulfill me. 

Nine years of spiritual self-knowledge and through deep therapy have exposed and exposed many gifts to me. The most valuable things that we look for, we can’t find from outside or from another human being. All treasures are within us, and they are available to us in each moment of life.

I have followed the Sufi road for over 9 years and worn the Naqshbandiya brotherhood (Uzbekistan, Bukhara) and Mevlev (Turkey, Konya) tariqat.

♡ I have graduated from the first stage of Neo-Reichian Osho Pulsation teaching with the creator of that lineage, Anisha Dillon from the US (deep body therapy method), and I am continuing my studies.

♡ I learned regression therapy and work with traumatic past experiences with European masters and eastern mystics.

♡ For more than 8 years, I organize and led closed groups, retreats, practices, mysteries, and meditations in Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

♡ For 4 years, I have created and led courses for developing creative potential and opened a studio for free creation.