Brite Vilgo

Brite is a freelance dance artist, yoga practitioner and teacher, photographer and Mayan enthusiast.

The world of yoga opened up to Brite in her teens, when the early morning mantras of Kundalini yoga gave her a special presence. This was soon followed by a Reiki initiation and an immersion into the deep nature of yin yoga. As a student and teacher, it is yin yoga that has most appealed to her, and in addition to numerous yoga teacher training classes, she has furthered her education in restorative yoga, kinesio taping, Alexander Technique and other somatic systems.
Brite has been leading yoga classes since 2014 and has taught classes at the Oxford Yogific Festival, taught yoga classes at Tallinn University and has led regular classes in various studios in Estonia.

Like yoga, dance is also about presence and listening to the body – special styles as an artist and teacher are (contact) improvisation, physical theatre and state-based body-centred theatre. Brite has been part of the Liverpool Contact Improvisation Collective and has assisted in contact improvisation workshops; taught stage movement in theatre school; directed and choreographed. Her final project for her Masters in Choreography was a dance film “Heart of Fire”, inspired by yin yoga and Chinese traditional medicine.

Mayan astrology and portraiture in photography play an important role – both ways of getting closer to the soul and the human being, and ways of observing/remembering the world. The Mayan cosmovision is shared by Brite through the reading of birth and relationship charts, as well as Mayan dance journeys. Nature and travelling recharge and inspire in a special way, allowing us to experience this world in a symbiosis of many creations.
You can see Brite’s website HERE.