Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

♡ One of the Initial Activators of Estonian Holistic Tantric Expansion with tantric masters Lokiano and Santoshi, and Niten since 2009

♡ Importer of International Auratransformation™ to Estonia and AuraMediator™ since 2007 

♡ Creator of Wantra Water Therapy and promoter internationally since 2009

♡ Certified specialist of Body-, Mind- and Spirit Cleansing Techniques

♡ Leader and Mediator of Adventure Retreats in Estonia, Norway, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii since 2000

♡ One of the creators and producers and hosts of the podcasts Abundance in Action and Aarete Seiklused since 2020

♡ Creator and facilitator of the Inner Family Archetypes Coaching Program since 2007

♡ Creator and facilitator of Abundance Adventure Retreat “Into Your Dream Life” 

♡ Creator and facilitator of online mini-trainings of New Era Energies

♡ Creator and practitioner of KAUA energetic process

♡ Certified WILDFIT food freedom and nutrition awareness Coach since 2021

♡ Creator, promoter, and facilitator of training programs (with other masters) in Estonia, Norway, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Mexico for over 20 years

♡ Teacher of the spiritual practices of Hawaii Mysticism

♡ Writer and filmmaker

♡ With the Mermaid Mission