Dali Karat

Dalí Karat is a trainer of luck and well-being. He is an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor, author, and host of his own podcast. Dalí conducts trainings, courses and retreats, teaching mainly on three themes – true happiness, the art of manifestation and the power of female archetypes.


Do you have dreams you dream about but don’t know how to make them come true?

We’ve all manifested something in our lives – a job, university, dates, money, etc. 

But how do you manifest so that the creation isn’t ACCIDENTAL, that you can always count on it AND that nothing goes wrong? Because there are lots of possible buckets – you order the man of your dreams, but forget to add that he’s single? You want a holiday, and you get it, but through a leg cramp that keeps you chained to bed for two months. You manifest your new home and oops! An accident happens to your existing one, rendering it uninhabitable, and you’re left with no choice but to look at a new place to live.

Examples like this create FEAR when it comes to manifesting. Don’t even dare to place an order – could something go wrong? In order for everything to go the way YOU want it to go and for YOUR dreams to come true EVERY TIME and not by chance, you need to understand some specific laws of physics and the rules of creation.

In this workshop, manifestation teacher, happiness coach and inspirational speaker Dalí Karat shares 10 reasons why YOUR dreams don’t come true and teaches you how to change this pattern. You’ll learn these essential rules of creation and the laws of physics, but you’ll also hear juicy stories of how Dalí himself has had manifestation mess up and fail miserably.