Dyan Udo Keuper (GER)

After studying Psychology and Philosophy at UCC-Cork and FH Frankfurt, I became aware of the limitations of conventional studies and felt a deep need to explore and experience alternative methods for personal growth and inner transformation – to finally combine the scientific and the intuitive.

Stanley Krippner’s seminars in the early 70’s were inspiring and helped me to gain more clarity. In 1976 I met Moshe Feldenkrais, who made me aware that I had a body. Frank Hatch gave me my first Rolfing sessions in 1976. Jack Painter showed me what is a free and long breath.

Intensive experience in bodywork over the last 45 years. More than 12 years of living in India and Taiwan gave me deep experiences and insights. I lived and worked in Pune Osho Ashram from 1993-2004. I currently offer individual sessions and teach bodywork in Germany and at the Osho International Meditation Centre in India.


Inspired by the Soto Zen tradition, this powerful awakening process is designed to focus all...