Einike Aedmaa

Einike Aedmaa is a creator of self-development and experiencing spaces and a supervisor/coach. While she previously created non-formal learning spaces for young people, 5 years ago she decided to start creating these spaces for adults. Her passion is to create experiences, conversations and introspection to help people learn to become more self-aware with each experience they create in their lives. I have accumulated a variety of methods and tools over the years and combine them with reflection and awareness. Self-development is the basis of life and business.

The spaces created by Einikese have been described as spaces of acceptance, where people have space to see and accept themselves. His insight, presence and courage to look at oneself brings about changes in people that are easy to accept. Self-development does not have to be difficult, complex, or painful – it can be a journey of ease, even if there are experiences in the past that one would not like to remember.

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