Elina Kadaja

Elina Sufia is an international healer and tantra teacher.  

Elina uses the combination of breath, sound and movement in her tantric personalised sessions to balance your nervous system and guide you to your true being. Sharing the best tools from her personal journey from a mental break down while living in Iraq and 7 years of travels to 35 different countries and 9 different schools of self development to find herself, Elina has a wide scope understanding of different approaches to holistic health and the need of unique approach to each person. 

Elina : “My passion for self development started 15 years ago when I organised groups and gatherings for alternative education meetings. Surfing on the self development studies through politics and business school I experienced the extremes of high achiever life style. For 10 years I pushed towards traditional materialistic values until I achieved what I dreamt of on the outside but had to admit that my soul was sad. So after a breakdown 5 years ago I have done nothing else but travelled, healed myself, taken therapist courses and practiced healing work to get to know the essence of what it means to enjoy life for each individual. “