Kaisi Kask

I am a coach and trainer by profession. I am fascinated by human relationships, their complexities, and how to unravel them. Life has been my greatest teacher in this area. Since my curiosity is great, I have also improved myself in various training courses.
– Among them are some examples: a year for yourself at the Holistic Institute, coaching, trauma work, psychology, breathing and circling courses, as well as a sufficient amount of therapy.
– My friends tell me I have two feet on the ground, but I also like flying.
I believe endlessly in love, and if it doesn’t work, you have to increase the dose!

Rain and Kaisi
Most of the time, people first fall in love, and then when things go well, it turns into love. We missed the falling in love part. Life came right away with great speed. When we met, Rain’s previous relationship with two small children had just ended. But internally, it was not yet finished. Kaisi knew very well how to take care of others, so she tended to forget herself. We have both had several very educational relationships before, and when we got into this relationship, we knew for sure what we didn’t want anymore. At the same time, all the baggage from all previous experiences was still in the backpack.

We have decided to choose a path where we consciously look at our own baggage. If there’s a problem, it’s our problem. One of the agreements is not to point fingers at each other. We have benefited greatly from various practices, courses, and therapies. We come to share our experience and the best tools we use with you.