Kristiina Raie

Since childhood, Kristiina has been able to receive and sense information that the average person cannot.

There is a huge amount of information in the energy field around us and in the energy of every human being that can be seen and read with our inner vision and feeling.

When I was a child, he felt that I was from another planet and that my home planet had long been Venus.

At the age of 18, he went to study with Prof. Vassili Gotch, a very unique scientist in the world, who has developed methods of working with cause and effect at an energetic level. Later on, studied Aura Transformation with Anni Sennov, Michael Newton’s Regression Therapy and qualified as an EBS Coach.

In 2000 she started private consultations, where she counsels people on various topics based on her own intuition and inner vision. She also works with energy clearing, cleansing and healing.

Since 2008 Kristiina has been conducting annual Methodraie self-development courses, so that a person can release the old energies within and move on to the Creator – Human level, becoming a conscious, free and healthy Creator – Human who uses the full potential of his/her abilities, is successful, happy and content with his/her creation.

In spiritual work, his mission is to activate in the individual a higher awareness of self.

Kristiina’s channelled teachings (lectures, courses, personal counselling) and supportive practices (Methodraie Superconsciousness Practices) help a person to move out of their egoic level of consciousness and identify with their superconscious level (their Pure Spirit).  

The person rises from the level of emotions to the level of pure feelings and experiences himself as a conscious Creator – Man. The Creator-Man creates his own life and reality IN HIMSELF in a CONSCIOUS way and knows how to use the potential of his abilities to the maximum.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Kristiina is constantly receiving the necessary additional information and teaching from the Creator level.

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