Kristjan Võrno and Veronika Ilves

Kristjan is a traveller from the heart and he enjoys it also in sounds. All that he has learned from life he uses to help others as a counsellor and mentor. With the energy that is hidden in sound vibrations, he helps to go into the depths of oneself and to bring the depths to here and now to receive solutions.

Veronika is a long-experienced theta healer, the untangler and organizer of energetic matrix, identifier and liberator of beliefs and thinking programmes, interpreter of the outer picture language, masseuse, creator of sounds and journeys through Tibetan bowls and Gongs.

“I don’t give you any promises, but I will open everything for You, the whole world of wonders, exactly as much as You are open and ready to receive, understand, accept, experience, and harness in your life. All begins only from ourselves.

I love Gongs sincerely and honestly. I am fascinated by their minimalist and simple outer being and beauty. I admire their depth that this in many layers and levels, unseen to the eye. So much they remind me of myself, the nature of being a human being. The sounds that Gongs are capable of creating of, are infinite, able to inspire awe and respect. From scracthy horror sounds to profound symphonies, interwoven with angel choirs, male soloists, women of Vedic sounds, surrounded by peace of cosmos. It is divine in which way Gongs can shake loose a human being, wake up memories and feelings, which are hidden deep inside, restore creativity and inspiration. How they can bring yourself into your center or fly you to outer Universe. So simple and yet so versatile, always ready to tell a story, exactly the one that You need to hear just here and now, always for Your highest good. And this for me is a Miracle, a true Miracle. My deep bow and gratitude for the creators of Gong and to the ones who have brought them on Earth.”

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