Nida Ellen

Guidance to the spiritual way I got from so to say, supernatural experiences, which as a top student in mathematics and with a university degree in financial management as a bank virtual office manager was hard to grasp and make sense of from the ordinary consciousness.

By now, I have had over 20 years of interest in the spiritual world and spirituality, and in the last 10 years, I have dedicated myself to focused learning. I am a Journey Therapist who’s calling is to heal the soul and therefore bring out the shiny diamond in everyone. Therapist profession I acquired between 2014-2017 at the international curriculum as Journey Practitioner by covering different modules and retreats in Estonia, Netherlands, and India. Before that, I graduated from Universe School on the topic “Real skills discover. Healing myself and others.” Like Center’s deep curriculum has given me the trust to receive, give and use even more my clairvoyant and channeler gifts. Additionally, I have passed numerous different workshops/courses n different topics, e.g. Reiki, crystal therapy, crystal Reiki, awakening children’s alertness, transpersonal psychology, andragogy, coaching, supervision, shamanic healing, vibroacoustic massage, sound therapy, growing healing garden, plant medicine, tantric practices, different healing practices directed for women, etc.

In my individual therapy sessions, I help to find inner harmony, get closer to your life goals, and to heal physical illnesses and soul imbalances. Magical rituals and communication with nature and guardian spirits are part of my everyday. My spells are born from inspirational sources such as elements, solstice days, Moon and Sun, the Mother Earth. Additionally, I got my guidance from my powerful company- taro cards, Shaman drum, and Tibetan singing bowls.

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