Prem Swaraj

♡ Certified Neo-Reich OSHO Pulsation therapist since 2008
♡ Trainer of OSHO Pulsations therapists since 2019
♡ Certified TransEssence specialist
♡ Teacher of the method “Body oriented psychotherapy” 
♡ Professional psychologist-teacher
♡ Leader of trainings and groups in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Taiwan, India and China over 20 years
♡ Member of the “Russian professional league of psychotherapists” since 2004

“As much as I recall myself, the yearning of to know myself has been the strongest driving force in my life. This passion has taken me to where I am now – I have become a psychologist, therapist and I brought meditation in my life and my work. Working with people, I use Osho (Neo-Raihian) Pulsations method, Thai energetical massage, Transessence, and techniques to work with Essential qualities and Inner child.” 

– Prem Swaraj