Sira Arakelyan

Sira is an experienced Embodied Femininity Coach, Tantra Teacher, and the founder of She Circle. With over a decade of dedicated inner work and spiritual exploration, she passionately guides women on transformative journeys to reclaim their authentic selves. Sira is also a Senior Community Manager at Mindvalley, the world’s leading self-growth company, where she has spent the past 7 years building and nurturing their exceptional community and facilitating countless programs. With a rich background of traveling to over 40 countries as her spiritual medicine and coaching women from all corners of the world, Sira brings a profound understanding of diverse cultures and traditions to her coaching practice. As a certified NLP Coach, Mindvalley Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, and Tantra Teacher, she offers a holistic approach to help women embrace their femininity, cultivate self-love, and embody their unique power. Through She Circle, a sacred space of true sisterhood, Sira empowers women to connect with their feminine essence and co-create true sisterhood. Her compassionate guidance has transformed the lives of countless women, helping them navigate their personal journeys with grace.

You can find more info about her in HERE.