Tiina Karjatse

I’m a musician, sound engineer and gong master. I’ve been working in the sound restoration business for 9 years, but sounds and music have been with me all my life. My daily practice and the very wide feedback from people who have been helped by sound healing has made me believe more and more deeply in the healing power of sound. I bring into the sound room the frequencies of gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, wind chimes, shaman’s drum, rattles, ocean drum, rain whistle, human voice and other mystical fairy-sounding whistles. The Sound Mystery I invite you to join me on is a ritual journey into our inner sanctuary where the soul can ring out its original unique sound, given to us all at birth. It is here that we reconnect with our inner strength and power that we often lose or give away in the turmoil of life. By meeting your true nature and power within yourself, you can honestly and genuinely embrace yourself just as you are. To open up to the world in your authenticity, and to ring with your power.

Gong night

Gong night is a time-independent experience, where we leave this dimension behind and effortlessly move into higher dimensions as we wander through gong vibrations. Immersed in the subtle ethericity of the gong sound, we are healed and rejuvenated, washed, cleansed and liberated by the cosmic ocean of vibrations. The harmony of the gong tones brings us inner peace, and it is in this state that deep healing can take place. On gong night, we meditate or sleep – an unprecedented dream where we are actually awake.

The gong is an ancient instrument, a sacred instrument that has been used since ancient times to connect with the wholeness of the world. Gong therapy is a powerful tool for cleansing the subconscious. The sound of the gong creates a deep state of relaxation and stimulates the entire glandular system of the body. By triggering different emotions, the body is cleansed of negative energies and accumulated tensions and released from fears, helping us to release stress, creating harmony and self-belief.

On the night of the gong, a powerful yet gentle and moving symphony of cosmic sounds resounds – the planetary gongs Venus, Moon, Chiron and Sedna inhabit the room. The gongs create healing vibrations and the gong room is held by Tiina Karjatse.

You are heartily welcome to a night of mystical sounds.