Vaiko Hansson

Vaiko Hansson is an Estonian composer who creates a space for a journey within oneself and into the vastness of the universe. His concert-journeys feature gentle piano pieces, enriched compositions with string instruments, and epic cinematic soundscapes that take us on a journey together – to experience, discover, and enjoy.

Vaiko’s music is born from deep experiences. He feels that he is not the creator of this music, but rather a channel through which these sounds and musical works come into the world. Within it, he remains a listener, embarking on his own inner journey – sometimes hearing melodies before falling asleep or following the invitation during improvisational flow.

Vaiko performs his music on the piano, medieval keyed fiddle, and synthesizers.

The music is enhanced by the string players Indrek Palu (violin), Kaur Kuurme (violin), Kristjan Kannukene (viola), and Kristian Plink (cello).

Listen to his music: