Kati Lumiste

Kati is a freelance writer, teacher and therapist.

Kati: I have been involved in Tantra for about 20 years, have attended courses myself, translated them and have also been trained as a Conscious Sexuality Therapist.

I have taught and coached tantra and have also studied tantric therapy. I have also taught tantric psychology and have been a certified teacher of tantra.

I completed a mental health impro training course this year.

It has a great magic when something is born on the spot, without preparation.

It is a challenge of presence and relaxation. It’s an immersion in playfulness and the Self….

Laughter liberates and heals and laughter is guaranteed in impro!

IMPRO through sensuality, self-listening, inner experience

Impro is a game that opens your inner doors, awakens your dormant playfulness and, if you wish, you can get very close to yourself, diving into the Saloon of your Inner Self through the game…:)

In this workshop we will play simple and engaging impromptu games that require no prerequisites or special skills. Suitable for everyone!

We respect each other, we treat each other with respect, valuing ourselves and others.

Differences are enriching, so the more we dare to show our differences through play, the more fun and exciting it will be! Lots of laughter is guaranteed! Laughter is liberating!