11-14th of July, 2024

Come into Connection with Us!

We invite you to the High on Life festival In Connection, in Adila Holiday Centre on the 11.-14. of July to create connection and be a part of a conscious community togetherness, discovering yourself deeply and creating magic together.

In Connection festival has emerged from the High on Life Festival and In Connection Online Festival and invites together all who have a deep yearning to experience themselves, other person and the whole world more deeply and more colourful. 

More than anything else in this world, we need connectedness. An opportunity to connect with yourself, to experience relationships, that broaden and nurture. Connection is so humanly and so ordinary, one of our basic needs, but nevertheless most of us are missing it in these times. 

This is an invitation to reunite with what actually matters.

Through connection, we create something bigger. 

There is power in connection.

Come with us to spend magical and life-changing summer days at Connection Festival on the 11-14th of July 2023 in Adila Holiday Centre.

Festival experiences and feedback

These moments helped me to receive more contact with myself and surrounding people. All these activities brought me together with interesting fellow companions and teachers, who helped me to experience myself through the reflections. All this being took care of my body and spirit, through joy and pleasure. All these moments, events and this overall being helped me sense more strongly that space, where it is safe to open up and express yourself and your truth.

I really feel that the experience from High on Life Festival broadened my world and flew me into heights.


The festival hosts both Estonian and foreign teachers who share the teachings of conscious living and relationships, tantra and self-development. Festival brings together those who
walk their individual path and live in their inner freedom and truth.


During these three days, you can take part in workshops, rituals and lectures and connect with many nice people on a much deeper level than you could even imagine.

Your comprehensive and life-changing festival experience is complemented by healthy food, which can be purchased on-site from various caterers.