Kareem Raïhani

Kareem Raïhani, the legend of conscious dance, is one of the magical pearls of the In Connection festival. Almost 20 years on stage and 100 performances a year, Kareem has developed a skill to merge all musical styles into a unique musical dancing adventure. Mixing body shaking rhythms with spiraling melodies, shamanic ceremonies with contagious grooves, mantras with beats, and heart opening sounds on top of a base line moving your waist line. 

In many countries he is considered a legend who can connect profound, dedicated and spiritual music with celebrating. His live set includes a lot of his own creation and productions. He always tries to reach that moment when the trance begins and the dancer becomes the dance by firing off the dance floor through celebrating life with rhythms, sounds, movement and expression.

“I don’t mix music, I mix emotions.” – Kareem Raïhani

His music can be found here: www.soundcloud.com/kareemraihaniwww.mixcloud/kareemraihani.

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