We invite you to the High on Life Festival Ühenduses 11-14. in July at the Adila recreation center to connect and be part of the togetherness of a conscious community, discovering yourself more deeply and creating magic together.

“These moments helped me get more in touch with myself and the people around me. All these activities brought me together with interesting travelers and teachers who helped me experience myself through the reflections of others. And all this being took care of my body and mind, through joy and pleasure. All these moments, events and this being helped me to feel more deeply that held space where it is safe to open up and express myself and my truth.”


“I am very deeply moved. The High on Life festival in the community held and brought heart space and healing to me and hundreds of others.”

tom valsberg

kaie sakala

“Almost a year has passed since the last festival, but I still vividly remember that exceptionally light, full and connected feeling…a festival that should not be missed! Even if there were no pleasant workshops there, only because of its mega-pleasant atmosphere that lasts for several days would go back.”

kaie sakala

Liina Liis Pihu

“I liked the format of the festival, I could always choose which workshop to take or just go as it is. The dense program gave me the opportunity to always choose what spoke the most.”

liina liis

Rauno Pärna

“Last year, I went to a festival in the Union for the first time. It was a great festival, where there was a pleasant atmosphere throughout the event. Various workshops gave me the opportunity to relax, get to know myself more deeply, share my thoughts and feelings, and also listen to the stories of others. This festival was a gift to myself. “


August 07 2022Fotograaf_JaneVogtJPF00106_07.08

“I really feel that the experience of the High on Life festival expanded my world and took me to the heights.”



“I am very very happy that we came to this festival. It was the first time and we do not regret that we took this step. All these days were full of self-discovery, laughter, crying – positivity in every way! I learned a lot about myself, I got more courage and self-confidence. I liked the deep looks in my eyes the most – it was a very deep experience. I also really liked the different speakers and the like!”



“What an amazing and life-changing experience. How many healings and self-transcendences. How easy it is to find love within yourself and be in that feeling of love. I have never seen such a group before, where there are no judgments, only understanding and true togetherness. I am moved to tears. “



“I came here to reach deeper within myself. I left all my fears here. I found good friends and relationships. I reached powerful experiences. The big journey begins now… For me, the festival was a real million dollar experience. I definitely want to come to next year’s festival as well!”



“I felt my heart open at the end of the ceremony. It was something I desperately needed and actually waited for – some kind of higher heart opening. I felt again (as in one of my previous lives) that I was fully Enlightened Personality.”


Mattias Turovski

“The festival in the Union was fully worthy of its name. A really nice mid-summer gathering. Energy and mood were raised from the first to the last moment. Definitely one of the most memorable summer festivals that I won’t miss this year either!”


Külli Liebert

“Every year the chill and relaxation deepens, where there is no more room for doubts as to whether I am in the “right” workshop, whether I participate “enough” in practices or just chilling, “actively” meeting new people, etc. It’s just a beautiful flow … without expectations …. enjoying every a moment and a meeting, whether with yourself or with someone else. A very enjoyable event that I look forward to every year!”


Anton Mesila

“The festival Ühenduses gave me time, space and the necessary environment long enough to create greater clarity and space within myself. I felt the ability to hold space for myself and my friends as if like a therapist. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go deeper in their life and move forward .”