Kelly Tomson

Kelly got into singing as a child before she got into talking, and since then music has always played an important role in her life.

Kelly has studied Yawanawa (YAWANAWÁ’d are an indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest) songs under Mawa Isa in Bali and in the Yawanawa Master Circles. She has also studied classical singing with vocal pedagogues Anu Aimla and Eda Zahharova, and Hungarian folk singer Istvan Sky. Throat singing and overtones with Mongolian teacher Ulaach Tez in Thailand.

The inspiration for the sound is being a mother to her son, the primeval forest and nature of Estonia, Brazilian rainforest tribal songs, reggae singing, shamanism, Hungarian folk singing, Sami Yogi and Tuva throat singing. Plants, animals, people, water bodies, nature sounds. Kelly has also drawn songs and wisdom from the Shipibo and Huni Kuin master circles.

Kelly recently spent 7 months in Bali, where she made a greater connection with her inner world and voice, led several singing circles, and brought back from her trip new songs from the peoples of the world and a different way of seeing, creating and experiencing sound.

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