Kallis Nele Maria

Kallis Nele Maria is a spiritual seeker who has travelled the world and encountered many truths and practices through an exciting journey. On a long journey of releasing blocks to her own sexual energy, she realised that she wanted to support other women and men who are taking courageous steps on a journey of self-love and sexual liberation.

Her life’s journey crossed paths with Peep Õunapuu again at a past In Connection Festival, and from that meeting came an inspiring collaboration that has led to the birth of several Tantra Dates and Temple Dances. Kallis Nele Maria is also the founder of the Karma Collective. Nele is inspired by heart contact, authenticity and presence. And as her name (kallis in english adj dear) suggests, she loves to hug!



Peep and Nele invite you to the workshop “Higher Potential in Tantric Relationship” – this...