Ronski Kosky

My workshops are about conscious living and relationships, embodied practices, tantra and self-development. More than anything else in this world, we need connectedness. The following workshops help you to connect deeply with yourself, experience relationships, be a part of a conscious community, and create magic together.

If you ask yourself what is sacred relationship, what is sacred sexuality, then you are on a Tantric path. I feel the future of life on planet Earth depends on all of us learning to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other. These workshops will help you cultivate Loving Kindness, a heartfelt feeling to bring you joy, happiness and a deeper connection with lovers, friends and family. I look forward to meeting you at the Festival. Come say hello!

Ronski Kosky MA, BSc

ISTA Practitioner, Yoga, and Soul Motion Dance teacher 

Ronski is an ISTA International School of Temple Arts sacred sexuality practitioner, a Yoga teacher and a Soul Motion Leader and Dance teacher. He has been offering Tantra and embodiment workshops at Tantra Festivals and ISTA training in many countries. Ronski is an experienced facilitator, community weaver and therapist having worked with thirty-five thousand clients during his 50 years of practice as a wellness practitioner, teacher, therapist, and lover of life. 

One hundred thousand people from Hawaii to Estonia have taken his workshops, classes and training programs in leadership, community building, health and wellness, and building a daily Tantric spiritual practice. Known for his intuitive listening skills and alive presence, you sense his vital life-affirming approach which inspires, encourages and supports people on their healing journey to wellness.