Peep Õunapuu

Peep Õunapuu is a father of 4 children and a spiritual seeker, tantra practitioner, massage therapist, organiser of self-development courses and concerts, who brings to the Estonian people a way of thinking that harmonises our living environment. 

In 2016, he was one of the creators and main organizers of the annual High on Life tantra festival, which became known as High on Life in the Community in 2020.

Peep has been actively practising tantra for 15 years. He has attended, organised and conducted a wide variety of tantra courses and private trainings with Estonian and foreign teachers. 

He has a gift for creating and holding transformative and deeply healing spaces at festivals, courses and in his own massage sessions. Peep has been conducting healing touch bodywork sessions since 2011. 

Peep’s main teacher, apart from his family, is Kashmiri tantra master Daniel Odier. 

Peep considers his main tantra practice to be wonderworking. This can be practised in everyday life, with his family and friends, and is also something he passes on in his workshops and bodywork sessions.

He has worked through authentic tantra and other spiritual practices on himself and shares the rich experience he has gained in his self-development work.

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