Peep Õunapuu

Peep Õunapuu is a human being, man, father, and spiritual seeker, tantric practitioner, massage therapist, and organizer of self-development courses and concerts, who brings a harmonizing and sustainable mindset to Estonian people.

“Being on a spiritual journey for quite a while and actively recruiting myself on self-development courses, I live the lifestyle of learning the mastery of life and creating the best version of myself. My passion is bodywork therapy, with which I work professionally until today.”

Love Lounge

Love Lounge is a Love Room where you can simply be as you are, discover yourself as love and joy, play and connect exactly as you want to at the moment, notice what is happening inside you, and let yourself be free without instructions and guidelines, without doing any certain practice. It is a gathering to celebrate your own beauty and journey into the depths of the heart. Meeting others in their sincerity and looking with the eyes of the “heart”. To hold and be held by a loving presence. You yourself are the creator of space, for yourself and for others. You are free to love and express love the way you like it and it suits you in every moment. Are you ready to be free? 😉

Peep and Kallis Nele Maria have been active in the landscape of tantra and meditation for more than 10 years. They create a safe space for you to explore and discover your hidden talents.