Energetic Tantra Massage

The tool for tantra massage is energy that is possible to direct without touching the body and taking off clothes. We enliven the yin and yang energies so that they would run through our spine. This practice is very beautiful, blessing, and heals the body, mind, and soul. The practice…

OSHO Pulsation
Prem Swaraj

OSHO Pulsation

OSHO Pulsation is one of the best and most effective methods for working with muscle- and emotional blockages that prevent us from being expressive, sensitive, and energetical. A soft, integrated approach guides us to experience our wholeness and resourcefulness and lifts the level of energy and consciousness. The workshop is…

Sufi Practice
Denis Vinogradov

Sufi Practice

Sufi meditation is a mixture of different practices consisting of Sufi warm-up, dance and spinning. This powerful practice helps you experience a clearer presence and helps calm your mind, bringing more awareness.

Troffhimoff Method

We do rebirthing, but with pauses. In the beginning, the breaths are shorter and the pauses are longer. Later, according to how people's bodies start to open in the group, we start to make the breathing longer and make the pauses longer, so that you can fully feel the power…

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