A Mystery called Woman: A Roadmap to the Goddess Within

This is learning the archetypes of a woman and feminine and masculine energies within and without, that is inside ourselves and our relationships. The “health” of each archetype impacts all the rest and shows our emotional wounds that may go back for generations. Looking at yourself through the lense of these archetypes may help see the reasons why some things don’t work in your life and relationships. Accepting and embodying all the archetypes – that are already there within every woman
by nature (yes, every woman without exception!) – makes us stand in our power – whole, self-sufficient, knowing ourselves and our Worth. This is what actually makes us the Goddess – being who we truly are, with Love and Integrity. Being simply a woman. That is enough. The workshop includes a deep hypnotic journey into the unconscious to meet your Inner Woman and connect with her. She has amazing gifts and information to give, if you learn to listen.