The Art of Hugging

The Art of Hugging is an experiential journey to closeness with yourself and others. It is the meeting of the physical and energetic worlds in full presence.

What kind of hugger are you, and what message does your hug convey?

The Art of Hugging is for those who enjoy the power of a hug and want to learn more about it. Those who want to get rid of the fear of hugging and do it in a safe environment are also welcome.

In the workshop of the Art of Hugging:
♡ you will understand why some hugs are downright heavenly and how to give a heavenly hug yourself,
♡ you will learn to understand the language of hugs and its effect on both body and soul,
♡ you experience and test different ways of hugging,
♡ you remind yourself of the ecstatic hug formula,
♡ you can experience surrendering to a safe embrace and learn to offer it yourself.