Carolin Ligi_Carolight

Body Journey

You manifest within every moment, movement and thought. Are you aware and present in stories, that you live with your body? How well do You really know and feel your own body?

I invite You to take a moment in this festival’s timespace and get in connection with your body’s needs. I invite you to observe what is the relationship between You and Your body like.

How these choices, what You choose and have chosen, make You feel on Your body level? Let’s listen, what our soul’s temple needs.

By moving the body and being with it we can see, what we have hidden there over time, what we have forgotten about and put away from our sight. From the deeper layers stress and anxiety can rise – so we make space for our natural wellbeing and relaxation.

Meeting this time we allow our bodies to regulate its energy centres. We guide the water to move in the bodies. We create connection with groundedness, we strengthen and stretch. We learn to feel ourselves better with every move and we learn how to adapt better to our lives with every movement.

We allow the challenges of physical reality to retreat to emotional one and we guide it into cleansing. We take back the space from our tensions that belongs to us.

We observe and we set free all that is between You and feeling good. We come into our centre and into deeper contact with our body and soul, so we could recognize choices and connections that actually support us in every unfolding moment.

Body journey is a physical and dynamic practice that includes yin and yang yoga exercises, rebirthing, self-affirmations, prayers, and respective other exercises that help us to connect more deeply with our body and feelings.

The body journey that takes place in the festival is as a little consecration/ceremony to celebrate body, connections in life and freedom to manifest as those beings as whom we became to be as souls.