Ceremonial cocoa circle and opening of the voice

In this workshop, you will experience the world’s finest cocoa and the herbs we add to cocoa. Jana will share about the magic of making cocoa. 20-40 minutes after the cocoa is ingested, the theobromine will take effect, at which time we will start to sound together. DaliLeo cocoa is high in theobromine, which allows you to open up into an elevated state of consciousness with ease. The human voice is one of the oldest and simplest instruments of self-healing.

The aim of the workshop is to open yourself from a new angle, to create harmonies, to connect with regilalu spaces and to gain a deeper connection with your own truth and voice. You can also bring your own shaker, drum or other instrument.

NOTE: Please register in advance (no later than 8:00 am on Sunday, July 16) so that we know how much cocoa to bring. If there is enough cocoa, those who did not register will be able to come. You can do it HERE.