Circling is a fast growing practice that guides you into a deeper experience of presence and connection.

Circling is a practice of meeting you exactly where you, as you are.

We hold whatever arises—both in you and in ourselves—with a degree of wonder and meet it with innocence.

And we find that doing so usually cultivates nourishing and far-reaching growth.

You’ll likely gain deep personal insights, feel yourself to a deeper level and see habitual ways of being you didn’t realise you were doing.

The practices typically open up new realms of connection – feeling deeply seen, getting a visceral sense of connection and intimacy with others and an idea of how you got there – an authentic contact that feels nourishing.

Perhaps you’ll get a taste of what matters most to you and have some experiences of synchronicity, collective intelligence or even psychedelic-like experience.


John Thompson is the co-founder of Circling Europe, the organisation most primarily behind Circling spreading...