Children’s festival programme “Meeting the insects”

The three nature lessons at the festival will allow you to get up close and personal with insects in a safe environment. I am convinced that building a relationship with nature should start in early childhood – the idea of our time together is to develop in children empathy and a better understanding of life forms that are so different from us. It is also about inspiring children to notice and explore more of their surroundings.

11 July 15.30-17.00
The first day is dedicated to the study of exotic live insects. We’ll talk cleverly about insect appearance and behaviour, but most importantly, it will all become clearer through real contact with real live insects.

12 July, 12.00-13.30
On the second day, we’ll become naturalists ourselves: we’ll grab our butterfly nets and pupae and go exploring the nature around us. Finding and catching creatures will help us to better understand them by observing them through the magnifying glass of a microscope.

13 July 12.00-13.30
On the third day, we will use all the knowledge and skills we have learnt so far. While the bingo lotto squares are filled by watching TV from the sofa, the bingo lotto squares are only filled by putting your knowledge into action in nature.


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