Feelings’ Layers – Practical Workshop to Realise and Release Feelings and Hidden Thought Patterns

There is a law in the Universe that all in the outside world is the reflection of your inner world. A law is a law – there are no exceptions! In all that reaches your energy field as an uncomfortable feeling or negative reflection there is a possibility to look into yourself or into the belief that is holding you back – in other words, into your shadow. You enter into a tunnel that becomes more and more tight and uncomfortable. You have to be brave to go forth and to do it even then when you have to face the fear of death or the feeling of disappearing into nothingness. Real changes can happen only when you let the old die, so that the new could be birthed. Only then you reach the end of the tunnel where there is light.

How to really look into the tunnel?

You can do it whilst going deeper through the feelings’ layers. It is a simple technique that requires total openness and willingness to meet your own shadow. Often we don’t see our own dark spots, some beliefs are so hidden that we need a very thorough detective work. This is exactly the work we are doing in this workshop.