Gong night

Gong night, combined with the practice of superconsciousness, takes you to the Divine level. The vibration from the gong waves brings us a frequency that harmonises, heals, deeply relaxes and offers the opportunity to rest on all levels. We release energy from the subconscious that wants to be thrown out in the vibrational echo. In a deep meditative state, healing can take place at the cellular level. Gong waves help to shake out stagnant energy from the whole body. In Divine Consciousness, harmonisation of soul energy can take place and magical changes can occur through gong sounds, a powerful way to create your own life. Come and be part of an experience that will sustain you for a long time to come. Gong night is a chance to sleep so that miracles can happen.


Helina Raidma is the creator of Divine Sound Spaces with Seto roots, whose ancestress was...