Gong Night

Your beautiful body, connected with the Universe, needs restoring and relaxing at the end of the day. Gentle and deep sound vibrations release the tensions that are in our body and support our journey into connection with ourselves and being ourselves. Take your sleeping things, water bottle, and a decision to go through.

A sound bird will accompany You to the Gong night, which will be a caress for Your soul, heart, and mind. This night has four parts. We start at a mystic moment – 00:00 –, the beginning of the beginning. First, we guide You into soft melting with yourself, we open, release the body and the mind and guide you to the trail of renewal. In the second part, we use the Gongs that clean up the space in You, create soil for the birth of new, and bring out the higher knowings, feelings, and rememberings of Your consciousness. The Gongs will sound until the early morning hours until 6:00 am. The third part is silence, it is the holy time when the body is becoming ready to receive and anchor the information that descended into the field of Your consciousness. The fourth part is soft waking up, starting at 7:00 am. We offer guided meditation to broaden the heart and get in connection with the heart and yourself. We open the wonderful flow of the heart, so that life would be fulfilled with magic power.