Workshop “Conscious Creation”

This is a workshop where I will help you to get in touch with your own mission and vision (could be related to professional creation) through practical guidance. I will help you to notice the limiting beliefs and constraints you have created for yourself, so that you can actually create your dreams into reality and then start to take real steps in the desired direction. There will be a process of unravelling, building clarity and confidence. External creation always reflects the subconscious programs, everything happens from the inside out – which is why the beginning of any new creation starts from within, not from external steps (we work on the collaboration of the sensory, body and mind levels). External reality changes automatically after internal changes. As an adult human being, we have the ability to change the programs of the subconscious to create a new kind of external reality.



From a young age, I have been fascinated by everything to do with optimising health...