Men’s Sexuality

In this workshop, Buddhi offers yogic tantric practices designed to help you last longer in bed, including take-home techniques to see real changes. We will explore tantric yoga practices that help reduce dependency on ejaculation and enable the experience of multiple orgasms. Additionally, we will learn how to move and circulate life energy within us.

You will gain a deep understanding of what happens in the brain and body as a result of ejaculation, and the transformative effects of retaining this powerful life force within you. By learning to harness and preserve this energy, you can use it for your spiritual growth, professional endeavors, and relationships. Typically, this energy dissipates through ejaculation, but with simple techniques and regular practice, you can achieve higher states of consciousness and tap into a reservoir of energy that will support your life missions and help resolve karmic relationships.

This workshop is designed to help you harness this energy to realize your highest potential.


Buddhi Dana is a powerfully gifted man known for his compassionate, strong presence and ability...