Open hearts Singing and instrument Circle

None of us have singing as a profession or learned music in that sense, but we are united by soulful music, singing, and heart-to-heart creation at the moment as one. Something in the soul is calling and ringing, which wants to manifest through music.

Everyone with a calling in the soul to express oneself via sound, singing, or music is very welcome to our singing and instrument circle, which is non-judgemental and held by love in a united space. We create with joy the most warm-hearted sound landscape and hold spaces for different soulful events, festivals, and homely gatherings of friends.

Participants’ feedback from our circles:
“I am most grateful to be able to come across this event. Very grateful for what I saw, heard and experienced. This open mic round was such a healing experience. The way they approach all of us with admiration and kindness. I still sometimes think that this kind of attitude and ability to experience it only exists in fairytales, and now, to be able to undergo it directly myself is beyond words. Once again, I am so grateful.”

“We haven’t had the chance to really get to know each other, but I just wanted to share my gratitude towards the open hearts singing circle and for the change to be able to be part of this wonderful energy. ”

“It has been a very powerful and healing experience, and I must admit, it has helped me to get from the ego consciousness to heart consciousness. Thank You for making it happen!”