Prem Swaraj

OSHO Pulsation

OSHO Pulsation is one of the best and most effective methods for working with muscle- and emotional blockages that prevent us from being expressive, sensitive, and energetical. A soft, integrated approach guides us to experience our wholeness and resourcefulness and lifts the level of energy and consciousness.

The workshop is 20% theory and 80% practice so that you can personally experience what blockages keep you back in your body, how and where you lose your energy, and what you can do yourself.

During the 1,5-2,5h practice, we work step by step with the “armor” that is inside our muscles (body’s system of chronic tensions), rediscover our body’s source of wisdom, and make through emotional retraining. We restore the feeling of being whole inside and bring back self-worth, sensitivity, spontaneity, and vitality.

We use the following techniques:

♡ Bioenergetics exercises by Alexander Lowen help to focus more on the body and better sense what is happening inside

♡ Wilhelm Reich’s modernized techniques of emotional liberation. We learn how to experience emotions again, with greater awareness and care towards ourselves and others. Setting personal boundaries.

♡ Work with “inner child.” When our “inner child” doesn’t feel safe, all attempts to liberate oneself and achieve are illusional.

♡ Gentle breathing techniques to restore vitality and sensitivity in our bodies. We stop breathing when we don’t want to feel.

♡ A complex of exercises to remove and soften the “armor.” The armor is a complex of chronic tensions, and our belief system that is contained in the body distorts our self-expression and sense of reality.

♡ Energetical exercises and meditation. Returning back to our center, we are connected with a powerful source of resources, we sense ourselves and our energies better.