OSHO Pulsing

Pulsation has its roots in the breathing and body work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the maps he discovered  about the flow of life force energy in the body. Reich’s idea was that many psychological problems originated from a disturbance of the natural energetic functional process of charge and discharge that rules the spontaneous emotional release. Every time we block any expressive  impulse–for example when we contain our anger, swallow our fear, or tears, or we hide our sexuality–we put into action a powerful blocking system in the body that Reich has called muscular armor.

The largely unconscious effort of blocking feelings and holding energies inside creates tension in the body’s musculature, which in turn prevents a natural expressive flow of energy and feeling.  This tension can make us feel emotionally disconnected, psychologically fragmented and energetically divided against ourselves. Using deep breathing and many different techniques to move the body, we loosen the muscular armor, and with that loosening, the inner pressure of unexpressed energies can be released. The relaxation that follows spontaneous emotional release allows us to re-connect with inner wholeness, authenticity of expression, and the silence of Being.