Path of the Emperor – Integrity through Archetypes

Did you know that a dictator and an emperor have completely different qualities? Which would you like to be? Do you want to really be a Man in your Power? Yes? Then… you need to be willing to step into Service! That’s what the Emperor does. That is his main quality – to serve by ruling and rule by serving. Yes, it requires some healing and letting go of the ego. But it’s for sure worth it. You will learn & embody the profound wisdom of archetypes that are by nature engrained in every single man without exception. Archetypes are like instincts on the level of the psyche. We need all archetypal energies to be healthy and harmonized within us and our lives. Together they make

The Emperor –
the man you are meant to be
integrated and whole
happy, wild and free
powerful and loving
tough and gentle
determined, yet able to humbly surrender
A man living from his heart
yes, my Love, that’s where the Dance starts!

For this journey we use archetypes rooted in Jungian psychology – the Magician, the King, the Warrior, the Love – because they are simple and practical real-life connected systems, so we don’t just wander fairytales but can create real healing and change in your life.


Satya Magdalena is a medicine woman, Tarot master, poetess, dancer, tantrika and yogini, a specialist...