Sensual Femininity

Flowing through life as women, we ourselves are responsible for maintaining and nurturing our health and passion for life. When this passion tends to disappear in life, the sparkle in our eyes fades, enthusiasm vanishes, and life seems dull. Then our own connection with our intimate area and sexual energy has been neglected. For us to live more fruitfully, for our relationships to be deeper, and for that life force to bubble in us, it is important to train our intimate area and light the inner fire energetically.

How to do it?
How to take care of your intimate area, and why is it important?

We will talk about how women since ancient times have trained their intimate muscles, healed the feminine power, and opened up to sexual pleasures, and we will also do some practices that awaken this inner fire.

The pleasure we can experience in life is equal to the pleasure we are ready to receive in our bodies.