Sex Magic workshop – Sexual energy manifestation for women

Sex magic is any practice using sexual energy in magical, ritual or otherwise spiritual activities. One of the practices of sex magic is the use of sexual energy or orgasm in conjunction with the visualisation of the desired outcome.

Sex magic works very, very effectively because our sexual energy, or life energy, is a powerful force that can be used to transcend normally perceived reality.

In this workshop, we will embark with women on a journey of manifestation and sexual energy discovery. For the first time ever, I will also lead a favourite practice of my mentoring programme participants at the In Connection Festival, which is a way of harnessing the most precious pleasure energy to create your own life and dreams. Sex magic is a practice that brings together breathing, sexuality, visualisation and manifestation.


Laura Valk is an energy therapist, teacher of women’s self-love, yoni massage therapist, and guide...