Spiral of Connection – cacao ceremony

“Spiral of Connection”
Who are we? Where do we come from and where do we belong?
The speed of everyday life has torn us away from our roots, we have lost our sense of belonging…
We wander through life frantically trying to seize opportunities, trying new and new opportunities
not being there, not feeling the support. However, everything is within our reach – nature, mother earth, the universe – you just need to connect.
The roots of the ceremony reach deep into the cradle of humanity, bringing to us the wholeness of man – nature
the magic of togetherness. The ancient secret of our ancestors: the ability to be guided by nature and be open
to all, is woven into the magic of chocolate and we bring it to you during this ceremony. Together
we create a flow of energy that carries us together to discover ourselves and create a connection. Only participates
the one who knows the calling – then you know you are in the right place! Those who are present, none of them will remain
intact… Bassé!
Your Ma Deva Veena and Jorge


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