Superconsciousness lecture

Lecture topics:

Close and intimate relationships, partner of destiny.

  • How to be open and attract a destiny partner into your life. 
  • How to open up and get to know your soul mate. 
  • The different roles we play in relationships. How to open up to the relationship and how to relate to others.
  • Relationships after death – in the afterlife.

Methodraie superconsciousness practice – pure energy of love, Conscious Giver and Responder roles, looking at different relationships in superconsciousness – whether people close to us are in our relationship as: Supporter, Activator, Destiny Partner – co-creator or other roles. Experiencing a sense of purity at the soul level.

PS! The lecture and the practice will be complemented by topics on the day of the presentation, which are specifically for the participants of the lecture.