Tantra workshop – conscious connection and meaningful encounters

A relaxing tantra workshop where we learn to be seen and create meaningful communication. Conscious breathing, vocalisation, movement and touch will help the body to become present and attuned to each other. All participants in the workshop are like mirrors reflecting parts of your own personality, helping you to come into self-acceptance and harmony with who you are.

In the workshop, participants are expected to be present and willing to take risks with their lives in order to present themselves authentically and vulnerably as they are in the moment. Let us hold each other and be present without judgement, allowing each other to see inside ourselves and reflect who we are.

In moments where truth is expressed in communication, there is the potential for release from tension and the experience of freedom. This attitude allows us to be truly who we are. Together, we create a safe space that supports transformative processes that help create rewarding and meaningful relationships.


In 2010, I got acquainted with tantra and since 2012 my tantra studies became regular...