Women’s workshop with mandala dance

Mandala dance is a MUSIC MEDITATION, a multi-level practice of HARMONIZING ENERGY, with dance movements created according to the principles of Sacred Geometry.

Mandala Dance:

♡ we balance and harmonise female and male energies.

♡ we use conscious, deep tantric breathing.

♡ we strengthen and energize the uterus and intimate muscles.

♡ Nourish our bodies, thoughts and emotions with softness, flexibility, lightness and a natural state of being.

Through the movement of Mandala Dance we also become aware of the FEAR and LIMITATIONS that block us and are able to release them emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a BODY CLEANSING process that helps you to understand the nature of painful experiences, learn the lessons and heal from within. Practising Mandala is about returning to your TRUTH and consciously creating your FUTURE.


Merliis is a holistic female energy healing therapist. Merliis has consciously been on the journey...