Ermo Kattago & Karen Kuldnokk

Karen has Seto roots and her ancestral farm still has a tiny smoke sauna, where several generations of ancestors have sat. Ermo tunes up the sauna-goers with Tibetan sound bowls and Karen always takes a drum to the sauna. At the festival, you can experience the creative rituals of the New Moon. Each ritual is born as a dance of the gathering.

In the High on Life festival, you will have the opportunity to participate in Karen and Ermo’s sauna ritual. They have been holding the sauna room together as a couple for the past few years. The ritual sauna is a place where the soul and body are naked and one can experience a deep connection with oneself and the space of the air. In the sauna, the mind is cleansed, the soul is enlightened and the body is light. A special part of the sauna is the seduction with power. The participant may also take a self-made viht (whisk- the bundle of branches) into the sauna, in which he or she has woven his or her own desires and aspirations.