Gerli Järv

Soul message facilitator, yoga teacher and soon-to-be family constellator.

My journey of self-development began when I could no longer live up to the expectations of myself and others. I wanted to live, to live my life. This was the first step towards self-determination. From then on, I have moved in a very intuitive way, relying only on what truly delights and inspires me. This realisation led me to yoga, which has given me a deep respect for my body and a clear awareness. From this love, the Yoga Space (Joogaruum) was born 13 years ago and has given me the opportunity to share this connection-creating practice with others.

Somewhere around 11 years ago, my sister and I discovered that we have the ability to bring the invisible into the visible, a skill that has expanded over time, and today we call it mediating soul messages with open field. In a nutshell, it means that we make visible the limiting beliefs that we are currently using to create our reality, and also the feelings or emotions associated with those limiting beliefs that have not yet been accepted. Soul messages give a very clear understanding of how we create our reality based on our beliefs and how important it is to allow ourselves to feel, because as soon as we start to hide or suppress something, life can no longer flow through us. Once an old belief is brought to the surface, together we can formulate a new one that we like, one that supports us in choosing a new reality. An open field brings the picture within us into view and helps us to recognise our truth. Soul messages can be used to open up practically all kinds of issues (health, relationships, self-realisation, money) and experience has shown they help the life within us to flow again.


Through Soul Messages, we bring to light the old limiting beliefs that create your current...