Gert Reinberg

Gert Reinberg is a breath therapist, movement enthusiast and fluidUs teacher. He is dedicated to helping people find balance within themselves and harmony in their lives through healthy breathing and movement.

For the past eight years, Gert’s home has been in Bali, where his breath work and ongoing self-development has brought him much knowledge and joy. Constant self-improvement and long practice has given Gerd the ability to work with people both individually and in groups.

With more than 20 years of experience in practicing movement and researching and implementing different health practices, Gert has successfully combined movement, biochipping and fluidUs practices in his retreats. At the core of this powerful lifestyle practice is breathwork, Facilitated Breath Repatterning (FBR), which has also shaped

all aspects of his own life.

As a core activity, Gert runs reconnecting retreats on the island of Bali, where people have come back with life-changing experiences, new beginnings and self-discovery. He is also one of the founders of Desa Lima, the Bali Island Breath Village.

Gert Reinberg loves life in all its colourfulness and is a passionate advocate for wellbeing. He has formulated life’s challenges into enlightening lessons, and above all, he is grateful to be able to help people move forward in life by sharing his knowledge and teaching practices.



fluidUs is a system of movement and touch based on body wisdom and breathing exercises,...