Kaie Sakala

Women’s circles organiser and practitioner of conscious sexuality and pleasure. 

My conscious journey of self-discovery began 12 years ago with the birth of my first child. I attach great importance to the use of knowledge in practical life. In order to have techniques to use in practical life, I have furthered my education at the Institute of Holistics, Brandon Bays the Journey seminars, the constellation short course, Dan Brule’s Breathing Course, Access Bars courses, etc. 

An area that I am passionate about experiencing and sharing, and which is also related to self-development – Conscious Sexuality. This journey started 9 years ago at a tantra festival, where I experienced an energetic orgasm for the first time while fully clothed and with my body barely touched. Often the experience of pleasure is associated with the participation of another person/people, but I have discovered that it doesn’t need anyone or anything to experience deep pleasure, but only ourselves and the awareness of how to tune our bodies so that every moment, every sound, every smell, every touch, etc., can offer the ultimate pleasure. I am convinced that if one person has this capacity, others have it too, just yet to be discovered. In addition to my love of experiencing pleasure, I am also inspired by sharing my practical knowledge, techniques and discoveries with others so that they too can experience similar and even more powerful pleasures. 



This workshop is open to women who are already familiar with energetic pleasures as well...