Kristiina Laasi

13 years ago, an exciting world unfolded in front of me through self-development books and courses when I became conscious that happiness is not coming from the outside and that I am responsible for what is happening in my life. Starting from homeopathy, nutrition, breathing, and the Journey method, I arrived finally at tantra, which is still full of discoveries and opportunities to go deeper into the layers of our being. At one moment, Life showed me that it is not enough to be a woman and a wife I also have to know how to be a woman in all her aspects. I started to pay more attention to the theme of womanhood, which has taught me to love myself, listen to my body, feel my power and receive it and use it. This has been an exciting and opening journey, with the deepest experience of sensing my own essence and femininity through a month-long women’s tao tantra training in Thailand by Shashi Solluna and Minke Devozi. During the past five years, I have helped organize different courses and facilitated women’s evenings, TantraDate and other events for women and men, and couple’s training.